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Call for Oral and Poster Presentations

Bersempena dengan milad ke-20, Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Riau dengan bangga mempersembahkan:

“Birthing the New Era of Practices in Gynecological Cancer”


1. Prof. Dr. dr. Andrijono, Sp.OG (K) K-Onk
Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia
“Early Screening and Management of Gynecological Cancer in Primary Healthcare Setting”

2. Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer, Ph.D
Department of Surgery, University of Chicago
“Precision Medicine Research: Targeting Ovarian Cancer Metastasis”

3. Assoc. Prof. Julia Brotherton, Ph.D
VCS Foundation, Australia
“Real World Impact of HPV Vaccination on Cervical Cancer Incidence”

4. Prof. dr. Sultana MH Faradz, Ph.D
Faculty of Medicine, University of Diponegoro
“Genetic Testing and Counselling for Hereditary Cancer”

Seminar online ini akan dilaksanakan pada:
Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2021
08.30 WIB s.d. selesai
melalui platform Zoom Meeting dan Youtube

Registrasi GRATIS dan peserta akan mendapatkan sertifikat SKP IDI

Kami juga mengundang Bapak/Ibu untuk berpartisipasi dalam ORAL AND POSTER PRESENTATION

– Abstract submission deadline: 3 Oktober 2021
– Abstract acceptance announcement: 9 Oktober 2021
– Full article submission deadline: 10-17 Oktober 2021
– Oral and poster presentation: 30 Oktober 2021

Biaya registrasi oral and poster presentation: Rp100.000

Link registrasi:

Contact person:
dr. Fajri (0852-7815-4342)
dr. Nurfi (0853-6342-8789)

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